We went to the fair to see "THE RAT PACK". It was pretty good, especially "Dean Martin"

Look what I just discovered, it was written By William Schmidt in 2012. Very interesting. Thank you William. My WebGoddess turned me on to it. http://www.tigersoft.com/music/SDsingers/index.html It’s a little dated (2012) but quite interesting!

Just thought I’d share this comment with you all:

"Holy crap. I just listened to the music files and videos of the singers you have at the Sheraton. Holy cow! No way would I ever share the same stage. Your singers are truly amazing and your show is something that really should be on TV. I thought Charcoal House 10+ years ago was amazing (and it was) but we didn’t hold a candle to what WOOKARAOKE is today."

We’re going to the Elks #1812 in El Cajon tonight to see "George James’ the Hip Hypnotist Show". Dinner and show for $20:00 or Show only $10.00. You can call Gayla Robles for more info and information. 619-871-7723

Don’t forget about the 7 day KARAOKE KRUISE!!! With Clemencia and her BFF! 7 Days Roundtrip from Los Angeles, California mrdjk

WOO & R2

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