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WooKaraoke website - 2000 to 2004

WooKaraoke website - 2004 to 2008

WooKaraoke website - 2008 to 2011

WooKaraoke website - 2011 to ?

Site notes!

  • Visit the MUSIC section of the Wookaraoke.com website to listen to clips from some of Woo’s songs recorded with the legendary Jack Constanzo. Music aficionados proclaim these recordings to already be jazz classics!
  • Check out the PHOTOS section where you will not only find galleries of the Woo and Friends Karaoke singers (updated weekly) but also photos of Woo’s early years as Playboy Bunny and model for world famous photographer, Peter Gowland.
  • The KARAOKE NOTES section contains articles written by Woo divulging some of the secrets of her success as a karaoke host in San Diego. Learn about her “No Nonsense” rotation that makes her shows anything but your traditional karaoke show.

Better yet, visit Woo in person at her shows at the Sheraton La Jolla and experience what it’s like to sing with a musical legend at the controls.

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