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  1. Kathy Pasenelli

    This is way cool – easy to navigate! Excellent change.

  2. Very nice website! I shall return …

  3. Sandra

    Oh yes! Love the new site. That WebGoddess certainly is a wonder!

  4. That webgoddess is my cousin! Don’t let this go to her head! Good luck, Woo.

  5. Too late, Peter….she knows she’s good. That’s why they call her the WEBGODDESS! And thank you too! WOO

  6. Cece Costanzo

    I like this one a lot more!! I’m going to go look around now! XO

  7. This is quite interesting. I have a friend who loves Karaoke. I will forward this to her.

  8. Hey this site is very nice!

  9. Sabrina

    I like this website better, VERY nice indeed. Awesome slide show.

    Your show is so nice, I like it very much and I shall return! The food is good too, and the people are friendly! Thank you for making me feel at home, I have been trying to find somewhere NICE to sing for about a year!!

    Karaoke on!!!

  10. Johnny Stewart

    Site looks wonderful. Great colors and a lot of photos.

    OH…One more thing, there will be NO KARAOKE this Sunday Nov.30…But, we’ll be there Saturday Nov. 29!!!
    And THANK YOU THOMMY, for being so thoughtful. And you know what I mean…..XO WOO

  12. Scott Candage and Joanna Hicks

    Ms. Woo,

    Thank you again for a wonderful time this past Saturday night. Joanna and I had a fantastic time. You and your husband, and your regulars, made us feel right at home and very welcome. Your show was, hands down, the best karaoke show I have ever been a part of. There were so many talented singers there, I was glad to be a part of the show. You were very warm and gracious, and you run a fantastic show. We hope to come to San Diego again and to again take part in the best karaoke show ever.

    All our best,
    Scott Candage and Joanna Hicks

  13. Hi Everybody; I am seriously thinking of discontinuing accepting discs. It’s just becoming such a problem. Wrong song, wrong disc, dirty disc, cracked disc, lost disc. There doesn’t seem to be an easy answer to these problems except to just stop accepting them, period. I’m still thinking on it…..any feedback? WOO

  14. Regarding your dilemma of accepting disks, I can understand the frustration of substandard disks, lost disks, etc. On the other hand, people often practice with their disks at home so they are comfortable with the song and aware of any key changes, etc., which can save time. I guess there are arguments for each side. FWIW, those are some thoughts. Good luck!

  15. Ophie

    I miss you Gerrie and R2…I haven’t found a karaoke place in Cottonwood yet. You’re both the greatest. Love

  16. Well, last night, Sat. 10, went smoothly. We had a good show and excellent singers & performers. I average 18 songs an hour. I LOVE MY JOB!!!! WOO

  17. William Norris

    Hello Woo, went to your show last Saturday 01/10/08 and was impressed. Rotation is fair. Its not like [deleted] they have a KJ who likes to hear himself sing and call his friends to sing with him. While the others sit and wait until he/they is/are finished. I will never go there again! I will go to your show! You ar the best!

  18. hi! Its your daughter! This is neat.

  19. Hi Daughter! Glad you like it!! Love you,


  20. al avallone

    R2 was asking for suggestions of songs not currently in the book. J.J. Jackson But It’s Allright 1966 is a suggestion if it is not there.Slipping into Darkness by War is another suggestion. Your Still A Young Man by Tower of Power is another one. Hope I will see you this Weekend. Regards Al and Georgia.

  21. Al, we have the songs that you asked about. I try to avoid any songs over 5 minutes, especially ballads.

  22. JERRY G and JULIE


  23. Brian and Wendy (Toronto)

    Hi Woo, we have not been on your website for some time — Wow! Great stories and photos! Look forward to seeing you when we visit San Diego — soon!

  24. Teddi Howell

    Wish I could be there. Have Fun! Greetings from Nashville.

  25. jerry g

    we love you!!!! woo didnt make chow bella sorry we are still tired from valentines but we will be seing you real soon! miss you alot love jerry g

  26. Carrie Ann

    I was so sad when I moved for school and had to leave my old karaoke spot behind. I found Miss Woo and have not been let down yet!

  27. miss woo, we love you so much! thanks for making our saturday nights sparkle!

  28. Jonnie Fox

    It was wonderful to see you and Rik on Saturday Woo. I wish we could get there more often. It’s always special and fun when we do manage to do so. Thanks for a great evening.

    • Woo

      Hey Jonnie Fox! What a nice surprise to see and hear you again! Your so gorgeous and that husband of yours!!! WOW!!!

  29. He Gerrie, today is my fathers Birthday and he remembers you from way back when. His name is Leo Caproni. We might come see you tonight. Ttyll

    • Oh….I can’t remember that name but maybe when I see his face…or do I know him? Please let me know that you are there. I’m usually pretty busy and don’t have time to visit…send me up a note if I am.

  30. Hello Miss Woo. Could you giv me a little bit of background on the different spelling of your name on various records? The correct spelling seems to be Gerrie Woo which you even show on that 1965 bunny shot in your gallery. But the probably most famous record is spelling it Gerry Woo,while Viva Tirado shows Gerri Woo.
    Thank you so much for your answer.

    • Hello: My name has always been spelled Gerrie Woo, it was the incompetence of certain people that messed it up.

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  32. Hi Dallas, Texas…..I’m flattered but I cannot take the credit for my wonderful website. It’s all my WebGoddess. But, Thank you for the shout out! WOO

  33. I’m coming to stay at the Sheritan on Nov 12, Act like you know me and make me feel like a star!

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