Ms. Woo, Thank you again for a wonderful time this past Saturday night. Joanna and I had a fantastic time. You and your husband, and your regulars, made us feel right at home and very welcome. Your show was, hands down, the best karaoke show I have ever been a part of. There were so many talented singers there, I was glad to be a part of the show. You were very warm and gracious, and you run a fantastic show. We hope to come to San Diego again and to again take part in the best karaoke show ever.” –Scott Candage and Joanna Hicks

Your show is so nice, I like it very much and I shall return! The food is good too, and the people are friendly! Thank you for making me feel at home, I have been trying to find somewhere NICE to sing for about a year!! Karaoke on!!!” –Sabrina

“My fiance and I loved our karaoke time with you at the Sheraton last weekend. The place and people felt welcoming, and that makes a big difference. The hotel and bar are so classy and we’re happy we finally found a great place, with very good company. ” –Sharilyn and Dave

I was so impressed by the professionalism of Gerrie Woo….and the wonderful singers that join her show at the Sheraton. First Class all the way.” –Anita Allen

I know I speak for all of us…You, Woo, are really appreciated so much. The time and energy you put in standing there so elegantly for hours behind the console making sure all us would-be stars sound “just right.” Woo, we all love you!”–Al P.

I have not seen Woo’s kind of professionalism in music in quite awhile. I don’t think anyone realizes what all it takes to keep the music going smoothly, make the people happy and still keep your cool. She has at least four to five things going on at the same time. Yet, Woo still smiles and gives you top quality music.” –Carolyn, Hawks Music Studio

Ms Woo, You are wonderful! Your site looks marvelous! It has been done with the same miraculous spirit, good will, professionalism and estimable efficiency you offer us each Saturday and Sunday at the Sheraton. I am so glad to be a part of your musical world.” –William

I had the privilege of singing at a Woo and Friends Karaoke show several years ago. Gerrie Woo runs the fastest rotation I have ever seen! It was GREAT fun! Thanks for a great time!” –KJ Dave Thompson, Bismarck, ND

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  1. Stuart Schreiber

    Had a terrific time with you all for my birthday!! Is it possible to import the photo you took of me to my Facebook page?? Thank you Gerrie… Much love

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