Fun Facts about Woo

Favorite Showbiz Moment: Viet Nam. I forget what show it was but it was outside and from that stage I loved seeing that sea of smiling faces. I have so many moments that I loved.

Favorite Karaoke Memory: When all of you surprised me with a party and the guys sang “One” to me. What was that? My Birthday?

Political Views: I think they are all a bunch of crooks!

Secret Goal: I just want peace and good health, and comfort. Can I have all of those things? Is that too much to ask for? In this world, I think it is.

Favorite Food: Too many favorites. Hmmmm…A roast with gravy and mashed potatoes! Yummmmm.

Regrets: I can’t tell anyone that.

Secret Wish: I wish all the people that I had to deal with were good & honest.

Secret Attribute: I am shy, no one believes it but I am.

Dislikes: I don’t like public vulgarity or profanity.