Woo's Famous No-Nonsense Rotation

Let’s see. How do I begin? It’s hard to describe how I do my “Rotation of Singers” There are so many “Ifs”. These are some of the things I consider when I decide in what order I will call up the singers:

When I start the show I try to start with a good singer and a good song. So, it doesn’t matter if you were there for an hour before the show. If you don’t have a good song up or a below average singer, I am not going to call you up first. If I can, I will start the show with good singers. I don’t want to shock the non-singers with bad singing. Sometimes they don’t have the patience to give the show a chance and they’ll leave. And I don’t blame them. I would leave too.

If the song is fast or slow.

Or I try and alternate male singer, then female singer. This can’t always be done, and again, it all depends on the song.

I try to play 2 or 3 rhythmic or up tempo songs, then a ballad. Sometimes I get nothing but ballads coming in. And that can get real boring no matter how good the singers are. That’s when I have to call up one of my regulars (I keep a list of all my regulars’ songs on file) to sing an up tempo tune or play a regular non-karaoke song. I may have to call them out of line to break up the boredom. I do the same thing if I have too many up tempo songs then I go in reverse and call up a ballad. It’s really nice when people put up 2 or even 3 different tempo songs and let me make the decision to put on a well paced show.

If an outstanding singer comes up, I try not to call up somebody that I think would feel intimidated to follow. Then, again, I have to make changes and call up someone that I know can handle it. Or call up someone who, I know, doesn’t care…or that has such a completely different song that it doesn’t even matter, or a fun group song.

If I get several really bad singers, I try to put in a good singer to make up to the audience the awful stuff they were forced to listen to. This usually happens when there are new singers that I don’t know. They come up and they are really soooo horrible. I have to think quick of someone to put up next that is really good. Again, I have make more changes and re-arrange the line-up. It seems that here, at The Sheraton, we get mostly good singers and performers. It is such a joy for me.

I don’t tolerate profanity…and screaming into the mic. I’ll turn the mic off!

It gets really crazy, but what makes it really difficult is when I’m trying to do all this, remember what is what, who is going to sing where, and then someone comes up and asks an asinine question. That’s when I lose it, I forget everything I’m doing because someone wants to know: “How many singers do you have?” “I have a friend that’s better than anyone here, can you call him up now?” “Who’s next?” “How long is the wait?” Etc. Etc. Etc. Well, anyway, I just go blank. Then there really is a wait till I can sort it all out in my head.

And then, sometimes, one of my regulars is drinking too much and sounds terrible. I don’t know why they think that they sound better? Their mind is in another key. Again I make unexpected changes.

Some times people that come in late expect to be put up immediately. Apparently some KJs’ do this. I don’t. If I know you and I know that the audience would enjoy you, well, then you have a good chance. But, if I don’t know you, I’ll fit you in if I can, but my first priority is to the singers that have been there for hours and been a part of my show the whole night.

When I end my show, I try to end with a good up tempo song. I may have to go way out of line to do this but, I don’t want to end my show with a yuk song or a …..er…..bad singer…..

I know that I have forgotten some of the other things I do each night trying to put together a good show, but I hope this gives you a good idea of what goes on and why.