Question: Can I sing backup on other songs?

Woo, what should I do when asked by someone who doesn’t want to sing alone, to join me on MY song(s)…..or to sing backup with them on their song(s)? How should I handle the situation?

First of all, you should say no because you don’t want to lose your place in the rotation. I’ve witnessed a good song gone to hell because someone was afraid to just say no. The person who wants someone to sing with him/her should only put their name in, and once they get on stage then they should ask ‘so and so’ to please join/help them with the song. However, when someone gets up and joins someone else and does the lead vocal, then I count that as their turn. It’s like they’re trying to pull something over on me and it pisses me off.

But, that all depends on what is happening. If it’s not too crowded then I’ll allow it. Also, it makes me angry if the same group of people get up several times and just use another name. I’ll finally catch on and not call them up PERIOD! Sometimes it’s a good singer that does this. Then I have to adjust the line up so it doesn’t seem like they get to sing so much, which is hard to do, but I don’t want to deprive me or and the audience by not letting them sing their own song. If it adds to my show I will usually allow it.