Karaoke Courtesy

Don’t toss the mic around, it is not a toy!

 Don’t put the mike directly in front of the speakers. It causes an ear shattering, screeching feed back…owwwwww

 Acknowledge your applause with a thank you! It’s just good manners.

 Please don’t come on stage, and start singing and dancing, while someone is performing, unless invited. It is rude. And you look stupid.

 No drinks on stage….I don’t like it. It doesn’t look as cool as some of you think.

 If you have to yell or scream or whistle, back off from the mic. That hurts our ears.

 Your mouth should never touch the mic. It’s yukky, gross and makes your voice sound muffled. And there is nothing I can do to make you sound good.

 Don’t wait until you are fallen down, sloppy assed drunk to sing. You may think you sound great, but you’ll still look and sound like a sloppy assed drunk to us.